La Vida Es Buena ("Life Is Good"): Ranch Cooking with a

Little Flair and Attitude

Authored by Cindy R. Kelley

Recipe, Cook Book West Texas, TX

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After 32 years in  the school system I decided to do what I always enjoyed and take it to the next level. My love for cooking! So I took the bull by the horns and attended culinary school and I have had the opportunity to work with several big catering businesses. Being a good old country girl I wanted to expand my horizons to cooking on ranches for hunting outfitters and their hunters. I bowed my shoulders and went for it. Learning the different types of game I figured out and made up some of the finest wild game meals you can ever imagine. My recipes can also be used with domestic meats as well. Either way,  in my opinion they are pretty darn good. That wasn't enough for me, I wanted to own my own catering company. Well, since I was only allowed to shoot cull bucks, the only appropriate name for my company was Cull Buck Catering. I have catered weddings for as many as 350 guests, luncheons and of course take care of 100's of hunters. Well, still not satisfied I wanted to write my own cookbook. And guess what—I am now the author of La Vida Es Buena a 5 star cookbook full of the greatest recipes you can ever imagine. Plus great stories about my life and life on the ranches is one in a million. It's a must read cookbook. I am now the head chef and food manager for   B & B Outfitters.   Actual recipes are prepared at both lodges including the infamous Strawberry Fig Jelly, Sopapilla Cheesecake, Javelina Bites, and Double Dipped Chicken Fried Steak just to name a few!

 Life is Good

 Cindy Kelley


~Great cookbook.  Haven't made anything in it yet that my family didn't like.  Love the reading too.  Give it a 5 Star!

~Sat down with your book AGAIN.  Felt like I got to visit with you again personally. Fun to read the stories and enjoy the recipe ideas and yes "life is good".

~Great hunting at B & B Outfitters and great food.  A must have cookbook.  Good Job!

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Hunting Outfitters, Lodging, West, TX

Hunting Outfitters, Lodging, West, TX

Hunting Outfitters, Lodging, West, TX

Hunting Outfitters, Lodging, West, TX Hunting Outfitters, Lodging, West, TX
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